Academics & Curriculum

Academics & Curriculum

The M.Eng. in Plasma Engineering degree requires students to complete 32 credit hours of graduate coursework, consisting of courses in the areas listed below. Details about specific degree requirements can be found below:

Degree RequirementsHours
Core Courses

NPRE 421: Plasma and Fusion Science (3 hours)

NPRE 423: Plasma Laboratory (2 hours)

NPRE 429: Plasma Engineering (3 hours)

NPRE 527: Plasma Technology of Gaseous Electronics (4 hours)

In addition, must complete one of the following courses:

NPRE 481: Writing on Technology and Security (4 hours)

ENG 573: Capstone Project (4 hours)

NPRE 523: Plasma Waves (4 hours)

NPRE 526: Plasma-Material Interactions (4 hours)
Elective Courses to be selected with approval of an advisor in areas relevant to Plasma Engineering such as material science, semiconductor processing, plasma medicine, and energy systems.12
Professional Development Courses from approved list4
Total Hours32
Minimum of 12 hours of the 500-level courses required for the degree, with a minimum of 8 500-level credit hours in NPRE.

Approved Professional Development Courses

Students must complete a minimum of 4 hours from the list below:

  • NPRE 597: Independent Study (project-based with advisor approval)
  • ENG 572: Professional Practicum (external internship)
  • ENG 573: Capstone Project (additional 4 hours of a large project if not completed in core requirement)
  • TE 450: Startups: Incorporation, Funding, Contracts, and Intellectual Property
  • TE 460: Entrepreneurship for Engineers
  • TE 461: Technology Entrepreneurship
  • TE 466: High-Tech Venture Marketing
  • TE 565: Technology Innovation and Strategy
  • TE 566: Finance for Engineering Management
  • TE 567: Venture Funded Startups
  • Other advisor-approved business-oriented or leadership courses

Other Requirements and Conditions

  • A minimum of 20 credit hours must be taken from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus.
  • A minimum of 12 500-level credit hours, with a minimum of 8 hours of NPRE 500-level coursework.
  • No courses used to fulfill any degree requirements may be taken using the “Credit/No Credit” option.
  • Minimum GPA: 3.0

Program Highlights


Earn a Professional Master’s Degree in 2 – 3 semesters.

Gain valuable experience through an internship or a design project in plasma engineering.

Prepare for leadership in your career by gaining a depth of knowledge and tailored experience.

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Dates to Know

Fall term: May 1 (international), July 1 (domestic and UIUC students)
Spring term: November 1 (international), December 1 (domestic and UIUC students)
Summer term: April 1 (all applicants)

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